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Blue Machines is committed to meet all clients’ critical demands including offering premium finishing services. We have the ability to help customers achieve the perfect finish which is essential to your complete satisfaction. Our technicians have rich experience to offer a full range of finishing services including Anodizing, Plating, Heat Treatment, Sand Blasting. Explore the workflow of how we ensure fine finish parts below or Get Quick Quote.


Anodizing helps to increase wear resistance, resist corrosion, increase surface hardness by increasing the surface oxide layer. The metal finishing process can be used to provide various colors, such as black, blue, red, gold or as your request.

We use the Type II Anodizing as the most common. Type III (Hardcoat) is a thicker anodizing which is done with higher voltage at a lower acid bath temperate.

Dye: This is how anodizing changes the parts color, look. It is done as a final step to anodizing or the part would corrode.

Whether you are seeking CNC machining services or interested in automotive machining, we always make sure that we would offer high-end medical, aerospace, automotive machining services.

pressure die casting
pressure die casting

Metal Plating Service

Blue Machines offer superior quality plating services to our clients and makes it easy to design custom components with electroplating finish.The plating process is adding a thin layer of metal onto the conductive surface of a part.

Base Materials: Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel.
Tin, Zinc, and Nickel are the most common plating metals in different applications.
The plated parts are often including decorative parts, sculptures, electrical connectors, etc.
The resulting coating has many advantages: Corrosion Resistance; Reduces friction and wear on moving parts.

Sandblasting Services

Sandblasting, also known as media blasting, is the key for perfect surface preparation with a smooth, durable powder coating. Cleaning and sandblasting guarantees the powder coat will adhere properly.

Sandblasting is used to smooth a metal surface, texture a metal surface, remove rust, remove heat treat discoloration, prepare metal for welding

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